Release Notes

Product Release Information

Product: AJAX based product list Module for CRELoaded 6.2 - 6.4
Release Number: 1.0.1
Release Date: Aug 12, 2009
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The AJAX based product list Module lists products through AJAX method at home page, products listing page and advanced search result page.

Features of the AJAX based product list Module:

  • AJAX based product listing, allow switch page style between Grid and List, without refreshing the whole page.
  • AJAX based sort by, results per page and pagination settings, dynamic display new results without refreshing the whole page.
  • Fully integrated with CRELoaded 6.2 - 6.4, easy to install, with details in the installation guide.

What's New?

    • Initial Release

Installation and Upgrade Notes

See the installation instructions for full details. Please note that in this release, ...
IMPORTANT: You must completely uninstall any previous "developer release" or "early access" version of this product before installing this release.
This release consists of the following items:
  • Release notes (this file)
  • Installation instructions / Quick start guide
  • Product source code instructions
Minimum System Software Requirements
PHP : 4.1+ or greater 4.x distribution only
(Note : PHP 3.x support deprecated)
GD Library
mySQL 4.x
Linux / Unix
Networking: Internet access
Standard e-mail client
Popular web browsers (Firefox, IE6, NN7, Opera)
FTP Client
Version Compatibility
CRE Loaded : AJAX based product list Module must be installed on CRE Loaded 6.2 or later.

Recent Changes

    This is the initial release.

Known Problems and Workarounds

    There are no known problems at this time.