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The following osCommerce contributions are free Opensource code originated from official osCommerce website and provided for your reference only, you may download the original contribution file(s) and install it on your own; or you may request a Paid Installation Service from Agents Of Power; Agents Of Power does the "AS IS" installation on your website, we do not guarantee it will work properly on your website. Extra Paid service is available for repairing the problem from the original contribution or from your website.
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1. Easy Enable and Disable product categories Request Installation with Paid service
I've made a "Genglish" translation of Rene Kirchhoff's (A.K.A. "reneman") patch instructions for this Mod.

It should be clear enough for most English speakers... please feel free to post an imporoved version.
Just added lines that clear the cache after enable/disable category.

Full Package.

Manual update from "Easy Enable and Disable product categories - interface fix":


//writen by Zdravko Shishmanov


if (USE_CACHE == 'true') {
//writen by Zdravko Shishmanov
admin/categories.php interface fix

Thanks to Eric_K
Multilanguage version.
Languages bug fixed.

Thanks to zhen
Here is updated instructions file.
Please read README.html file.
Added pure file catalog/admin/categories.php
Please use manual installation if you have other installed contributions.

Easy integration in your osc code. Edit only one file.

Edit file admin/categories.php
Easy Enable and Disable product categories for OsCommerce
writen by Zdravko Shishmanov - php scripts and tips

Easy way to enable product categories and subcategories and disable product categories and subcategories in oscommerce online shop program.

It will allow you to set the status of each category and subcategory from the osCommerce admin section.

The contribution allows you to use the green/red buttons same as products do for status.

Easy integration in your osc code.
   Posted on: 10/14/2008     See contribution details

2. Specials Products Carousel Request Installation with Paid service
Here is a screenshot of the carousel.
(Not full package)
This add-on allows you to display a new module for specials products with a jquery carousel animation.
you can change the settings of the animation in your administration's backoffice.

installation : 5mn.

demo live :
support :
   Posted on: 01/02/2009     See contribution details

3. Extra Product Fields 1.0 Request Installation with Paid service
Bug fix on extra_fields.php where it was requiring an entry relating only to text fields when a list type field was being created.

Added an install instruction for the admin/languages.php file to handle cases where a language is added or deleted after extra fields have been defined.

Complete contribution is enclosed.
Added Extra Product Field search functionality to the osCommerce Quick Search info box. Only drop down type extra fields marked as searchable will be listed. If you set the Quick Search In Descriptions to true then text type extra fields can be searched as well.

Complete package is enclosed.

To upgrade from 1.12 simply copy the search.php file to the appropriate place and (if you don't already use the Quick Search In Descriptions contribution) execute the following SQL query using a tool such as phpMyAdmin:

INSERT INTO `configuration` (`configuration_title`, `configuration_key`, `configuration_value`, `configuration_description`, `configuration_group_id`, `sort_order`, `date_added`, `set_function`) VALUES ('QuickSearch searches in description', 'QUICKSEARCH_IN_DESCRIPTION', 'true', 'If set to TRUE the customer can quick search in descriptions otherwise the search is limited to the product name', 1, 113, now(), 'tep_cfg_select_option(array('true', 'false'),');
I discovered a problem in advanced search with extra text fields. When using advanced search on any extra field while leaving any extra text field entry empty the search would fail to find anything even though at least one product should match. The problem was that the generated sql search contained code like (extra_value1 like %%) for each empty extra text field when it should have had nothing written in it at all.

To fix the problem if you already have the contribution installed open advanced_search_result.php and find around line 333 the line that reads

if (isset($epf_value_keywords) && (sizeof($epf_value_keywords) > 0)) {

Change it to read as follows:

if (($value != '') && isset($epf_value_keywords) && (sizeof($epf_value_keywords) > 0)) {

The complete package is attached with corrected installation instructions for those who haven't used this contribution before.
Bugfix for editing extra fields. When editing information for a drop down field the field was getting converted to a varchar(64) in the products_description database file. Also had a person say new fields were showing up blank in catalog when they shouldn't have been displayed at all so added 'default null' when creating a new text field to try and solve the problem. Complete package is attached but only the admin/extra_fields.php file has changed.
This is a simple bug fix for an error in the extra_values.php file. The complete package is attached but only the admin/extra_values.php file has changed. If you have already installed version 1.1 you only need to replace the one file.
After some questions from other users who were having problems with version 1.0 I discovered that the method I had used for some of the buttons was incompatible with Internet Explorer (or at least version 8). Clicking on the buttons wouldn't do anything. After some checking I discovered that I had to create submit buttons inside a small form (containing only the button) to get them to work in Internet Explorer. All such buttons have been corrected in this version and now they work properly with Internet Explorer as well as the Safari and Firefox browsers I had previously used for testing.

The complete packge is enclosed but those who have already installed the earlier version of the contribution need only replace the admin/extra_fields.php and admin/extra_values.php files.
Our store has happily used the Product Extra Fields 2.0j contribution until someone asked why a search wasn't working when looking for two values, each contained in a different extra field for the product. Upon examining the search code I suddenly realized that it would be impossible to do a simple search on more than one field since only one field at a time could be linked to a product. Searching more than one extra field would require code that is much more complicated than I wanted to attempt writing. I thus decided that writing a completely new contribution would be easier.

Extra Product Fields creates its new fields in the products_descriptions database file which makes searching multiple fields easier, especially when searching using multiple terms that may be divided among several fields.

This contribution is completely multi-language compatible. Unlike Product Extra Fields which allowed a field to only be either for one language or for all languages and used the same field label for all languages, Extra Product Fields allows a field to apply to any number of languages and stores a separate label for each language so you can translate the label as appropriate.

Field entry during product maintenance can be either as standard text, or selected from a list of drop down values that you define after creating the field, and can be different for each field. The drop down values are set separately for each language so they can be appropriate to the language. You can set the maximum size for each standard text field individually anywhere from 1 character up to 255 and change the size later if needed. As with Product Extra Fields, fields that are left blank during product entry are not displayed in the catalog.

Other features include:

A Sort Order to determine the order in which fields are displayed.

Advanced Search control to determine whether or not the catalog user can search on a field individually when using Avanced Search. This search control applies to each field separately so you can make some fields searchable and some not.

Product Listing control to determine whether or not the contents of a field get displayed in the product listings underneath the product name. Again this applies to each field individually so this is not an all fields or none choice as it is with Product Extra Fields.

META Keyword control to determine whether or not the value of a field will be used in a META Keyword tag on the product information page.

Options for for fields that are defined to use a list of values are:

Restrict Product Listings which allows users to restrict the results of a product listing in index.php. It operates similar to the way osCommerce works when you view a category containing products from multiple manufacturers, or a manufacturer with products in multiple categories.

Show Chain of Parent Values: Much as categories can contain other categories, this contribution allows values in the drop down lists to contain other values. For instance, if you created a drop down list field for Product Type and one of the values for that field was Movies then you could create values under Movies of VHS, DVD and BluRay. If a product then had the value set to DVD, with Show Chain enabled the value would display as Movies | DVD. Otherwise the value would display as just DVD.
   Posted on: 07/03/2009     See contribution details

4. Shipping dependencies of Payments Request Installation with Paid service
I think this is important. Patch for edit shipping in checkout if you want to test shipping dependencies.

osC V3 alfa 5

This is only patch!
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

5. Common Product Notes Request Installation with Paid service
I had a request for some screen shots so I've included them with the contribution. The complete install is enclosed with the screenshots but absolutely no change has been made to the contribution itself.

The note text in the screeshots folder will tell you what to look for and what to ignore since the shots are taken on a highly modified version of osCommerce.
   Posted on: 08/13/2010     See contribution details

6. Easy Populate & Products Attributes Request Installation with Paid service
added /catalog/admin/includes/boxes/catalog.php
to list of files and folders we will be working with.

added Copy file /catalog/admin/includes/classes/table_block.php into /catalog/admin/ folder.
to step 1
This is a complete package.

** Exports from versions previous to EP v2.76g will not work correctly **
** since the category header names have changed in this version !! **

+ Fixed an instruction typo.
+ Added support for Product Specials
+ Fixed problem where decimals were being dropped from the attributes pricing.
+ Integrated Product Specials support with SPPC specials
+ Added extra checks to make sure attribute data is not being used before deleting a product.
+ Added support for UltraPics 2.05 contributed by josequituc - 28 May 2009,1642
+ Added support for PDF File Upload and Display V2.01 contributed by josequituc - 28 May 2009
+ Added support for Multi Vendor System (MVS) 1.2
+ Added Support for Additional Images 2.1.1
+ Added Support for Cross Sell 2.6

(not kidding, you may not get an answer if you ignore this plea)
file easypopulate 2.76h with contribution PDF File Upload and Display

and UltraPics - MS2 Image Addon Pack!,1642

To install just unzip and rewrite the orginal. BACKUP the original file

thank you

The instructions are wrong - I wonder why no one noticed this for many months.

Instructions talk of editing a file at location.


the correct location is

test site at
I have found a little bit confusing error at line 1338.
the line is

<?php echo tep_draw_form('custom', 'easypopulate.php', 'id="custom"' . ((defined('SID') && tep_not_null(SID)) ? '&'.tep_session_name().'='.tep_session_id() : ''), 'get'); ?><?php if (defined('SID') && tep_not_null(SID)) { echo tep_draw_hidden_field(tep_session_name(), tep_session_id()); } ?>

and I have changed it to:
<?php echo tep_draw_form('custom', 'easypopulate.php', ((defined('SID') && tep_not_null(SID)) ? '&'.tep_session_name().'='.tep_session_id() : ''), 'get','id="custom"'); ?><?php if (defined('SID') && tep_not_null(SID)) { echo tep_draw_hidden_field(tep_session_name(), tep_session_id()); } ?>

Also uploading the file.
Hope the next package includes the corrected one.
Easy Populate v 3.0.1 (Full Package)

Complete Package - Ver 3.0.1

[Change] Added a link in the admin panel for help and support.
[Change] Added a new file called easypopulate_help.php

All other files are the same as ver 3.0.0

A big thank you must go to the following authors for:

Recoding of v2.76d+ by surfalot
Froogle downloads by Ted Joffs
Excel Import 1.51 by Tim Wasson
Multi-language Support by Elari
Original Author:

Included in the documentation is the original Product_Attributes Optimisation file (an optional addition to Easy Populate for store owners with large amounts of products with attributes)

Support Forum: (180+ pages)
Complete Package - Ver 3.0.0

After spending hours going through all the below modifications and alterations and reading the 180+ pages in the support forum, I decided to repackage the below files and make one simple to use install package.

None of this is my own work, but a collection of addons and modifications, a big thank you must go to the following authors for:

Recoding of v2.76d+ by surfalot
Froogle downloads by Ted Joffs
Excel Import 1.51 by Tim Wasson
Multi-language Support by Elari
Original Author:

Included in the documentation is the original Product_Attributes Optimisation file (an optional addition to Easy Populate for store owners with large amounts of products with attributes)

Support Forum: (180+ pages)
I had some problems with the previous file download-contrib. I might have worked something out here. Haven't tried it too much but it seems to be working. I have oscommerce rc2a and super download shop but i'm not sure if you need the sds, will try this tomorrow. Observe that this is working for me. Might not work for you so don't replace it on a live shop. Only easypopulate.php in this file.
I worked in the last updates and fixes.
Found errors myself and fixed them too.

Complete Package.
easy populate
   Posted on: 09/16/2008     See contribution details

7. eShipper Integration Module for shipping with Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator, DHL and UPS Request Installation with Paid service
I have updated module to eShipper API 3.0. Also, incorporate all the issues you have reported to me (so, thanks everybody for keeping an eye on this extension)
I removed update as it's irrelevant now. Just compare full install to what you have in order to get upgrade (files can be safely replaced, but SQL script should be compared line by line against what you have.
As always, let me know if you find any issues (and there could be!!!)
New version of API is out there - read what changed at the top of the file to see if you need new features...
Found a nasty bug when our store has switched to USD as default currency. eShipper returns all responses in Canada in CAD, so if default currency of the store is different from CAD, responses should be adjusted even if in Canada. This fix will do the trick (added base currency tot he module, which is CAD in our case) and compare in the eshipper.php if default currency is different from base currency of the module. Simply copy attached eshipper.php to the same location and run *.sql in phpMyAdmin (or from command line)

   Posted on: 03/12/2009     See contribution details

8. Cálculo de frete em ajax Request Installation with Paid service
SIMULADOR DE FRETE EM AJAX v3.0 - 20/08/2010

- Atualizado para o novo webservice dos Correios, agora

- Único arquivo modificado: calcular.php. Para atualizar instalação já existente, basta substituir este arquivo.

- Renomeado para versão 3.0 para melhor organização e diferenciar das versões anteriores

- Alterações cosméticas nas instruções para maior clareza

By Patty -

Agradecimentos aos autores e colaboradores.
Contribuição para calcular o frete em product_info.php | Arquivo calcular.php corrigido.

feito modificações para usar na pagina do carrinho
Refazer instalação substituindo os arquivos existentes ou reler e o arquivo "instruções para instalar.txt"
   Posted on: 04/22/2009     See contribution details

9. MailBeez Module: Ask for Buyers Rating on Trustpilot Request Installation with Paid service
- compatibility with Google Analytics integration (disable URL rewrite)
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 1445 contributions) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>]