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  eShipper Integration Module for shipping with Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator, DHL and UPS

The following osCommerce contribution is a free Opensource code originated from official osCommerce website and provided for your reference only, you may download the original contribution file(s) and install it on your own; or you may request a Paid Installation Service from Agents Of Power; Agents Of Power does the "AS IS" installation on your website, we do not guarantee it will work properly on your website. Extra Paid service is available for repairing the problem from the original contribution or from your website.
I have updated module to eShipper API 3.0. Also, incorporate all the issues you have reported to me (so, thanks everybody for keeping an eye on this extension)
I removed update as it's irrelevant now. Just compare full install to what you have in order to get upgrade (files can be safely replaced, but SQL script should be compared line by line against what you have.
As always, let me know if you find any issues (and there could be!!!)
New version of API is out there - read what changed at the top of the file to see if you need new features...
Found a nasty bug when our store has switched to USD as default currency. eShipper returns all responses in Canada in CAD, so if default currency of the store is different from CAD, responses should be adjusted even if in Canada. This fix will do the trick (added base currency tot he module, which is CAD in our case) and compare in the eshipper.php if default currency is different from base currency of the module. Simply copy attached eshipper.php to the same location and run *.sql in phpMyAdmin (or from command line)

   Posted on: 03/12/2009     See contribution details Request Installation with Paid service