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The following osCommerce contributions are free Opensource code originated from official osCommerce website and provided for your reference only, you may download the original contribution file(s) and install it on your own; or you may request a Paid Installation Service from Agents Of Power; Agents Of Power does the "AS IS" installation on your website, we do not guarantee it will work properly on your website. Extra Paid service is available for repairing the problem from the original contribution or from your website.
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101. Customized New Product Listing(in columns) Request Installation with Paid service
this module will help you to customize your product listing page with new format

this is my best product listing page i have created
after design the product listing of more than 100 sites

your suggestions will be acceptable

   Posted on: 10/22/2009     See contribution details

102. Header Tags Controller Request Installation with Paid service
The Header Tags Controller has been replaced with the Header Tags SEO
contribution, which can be found here:

The support thread for it is here:

Support for this version will continue but no new updates will be
added, at least not by me.
   Posted on: 04/09/2008     See contribution details

103. Newsletter box Request Installation with Paid service
This contribution creates a box on your site in which you can add a link to your newsletters subscription page.

Thanks to Claudia van Dijk. Based on their contribution here:

This is my first contrib and I don't think anyone else has done this yet. It's a real simple add on that I hope you like!

See it live here:
   Posted on: 10/21/2009     See contribution details

104. - Shopping & Price Comparison Datafeed Generator (multiple countries included) Request Installation with Paid service
Creates and automatically sends a data feed to ShopMania, to provide product information and pictures.
Country update:

ARGENTINA was added to ShopMania Network

ShopMania Network:

# ARGENTINA - (only supporting ARS, EUR, USD) *NEW
# AUSTRALIA - (only supporting AUD, NZD datafeeds)
# BRASIL - (only supporting BRL, USD)
# CHILE - (only supporting CLP, USD, EUR) *NEW
# CHINA - (only supporting CNY, USD)
# DEUTSCHLAND - (only supporting EUR, USD)
# FRANCE - (only supporting EUR, USD datafeeds)
# HUNGARY - (only supporting HUF, EUR, USD datafeeds)
# INDIA - (only supporting INR, USD datafeeds)
# ITALY - (only supporting EUR, USD datafeeds)
# JAPAN - (only supporting JPY, USD datafeeds)
# MEXICO - (only supporting MXN (Mexican peso), USD, EUR datafeeds)
# POLSKA - (only supporting PLN, EUR, USD)
# PORTUGAL - (only supporting EUR, USD)
# ROMANIA - (only supporting RON, EUR, USD datafeeds)
# RUSSIA - (only supporting RUB, EUR, USD)
# SOUTH AFRICA - (only supporting ZAR, USD, EUR) *NEW
# SPAIN - (only supporting EUR datafeeds)
# TURKEY - (only supporting TRY, EUR, USD)
# UK - (only supporting GBP, EUR, USD datafeeds)
# US - (only supporting USD, CAD datafeeds)
   Posted on: 10/08/2008     See contribution details

105. UK Postcode Address Finder Request Installation with Paid service
3.4 - 21/10/2009
- add functioanlity to enable automatic country selection based on postcode entered, this complements the functionality added in v3.3

3.3 - 08/09/2009 (forgot to upload it here but available for download from the developers section on <a href=""></a>
- fix the usage of short php tags in previous version
- add functionality of show/hide 'find address' button for a list of countries, this is for people who split the UK into regions for shipping/VAT calculation purposes (channel islands, scotland etc)
Bug fix release.

1. fix install steps - the paths were wrong in admin section.

2. fix a bug in JavaScript introduced in v3.1 - some postcodes could hang up the sorting functions and result in a time out error.

Small fix in the install steps - there was a non-existent file referenced.

Uploaded for the benefit of new users. No fixes, no need to update if you have previous version installed.
This version is compatible with one page checkout contribution (6646).

The code has seen some major changes, but there are no bug fixes. There is no need to upgrade from v2.x.x unless you plan to have pages with more than one address form (e.g. single page checkout)

This version is a fix for Chrome. Thanks to Alan from for reporting this. Version 2.0 does not work at all with Chrome!

Also a minor change in crafty_html_output.php for alignment of graphical "find address" buttons.

Only the JavaScript really needs a change, but full version uploaded for the benefit of new users.

New in this version:

JavaScript now communicates directly with the CraftyClicks server without any data relay server-side scripts. This allows for faster lookup times - even with some network delays, the typical response time should be under half a second.

Upgrade from v1.x.x is a 5 minute job. Full installation is 15 minutes.

A bugfix update. Only the JavaScript code has changed. A full package included for completeness.

Changes since 1.4.1:

1.4.3 - 27/10/2008
- improve the leading caps algorithm (company names might still be a bit tricky, recommend org_uppercase is set to 1)

1.4.2 - 27/10/2008
- fix IE compatibility in JavaScript (somehow got broken few releases back)
This is an update to the address finder contribution.

* Adjustable size of result box
* Upper/Lower case result display
* Show 'Find Address' button only if country is UK
* Option of postal or traditional county name
* and more

Changes since v 1.3:
1.4.1 - 24/10/2008
- add first_res_line config option - adds a dummy 1st line eg '----- please select your address ----'

1.4.0 - 24/10/2008
- add config option of result auto select:
res_autoselect : 1, // the first result will be auto-selected by default
res_select_on_change : 1 // 1 - if the user scrolls through the results they will be selected, 0 - user must explicitly click to select
- add selection using enter key
- make config more robust - accept strings and numbers for flags
- minor clean-up - remove a ; in install steps

If you need help with this contrib:
This contribution adds address finder functionality to all address entry forms. Customers now simply enter their UK postcode, click a button and select an address from a drop-down box.

Using postcode lookup for address entry has two main benefits: speed & accuracy.

Customers gain happiness as their checkout/registration process gets faster and simpler.

Shop owner gains happiness as the addresses going into his/her database are always correct.

This contribution is free to use in demo mode. To go live you will need to sign up for an account at

   Posted on: 10/22/2008     See contribution details

106. Lagerbestandsübersicht Stock Overview Request Installation with Paid service
Komplettes Paket - deutsch, englisch, französisch inkl. kleinem AddOn von Reinerlein

Vielen Dank für die rege Beteiligung

Complete package - English, German, French, including a small AddOn from Reinerlein

Thank you for the active participation

Ensemble complet - anglais, allemand, français, y compris un addon petits Reinerlein

Je vous remercie de la participation active
Traduction française

Full package

Screenshots visibles à :
I just fixed the English on this superb addon. I am not supporting this, just fixed it and uploaded it for the community.
   Posted on: 08/30/2009     See contribution details

107. Canpar Shipping Module Request Installation with Paid service
Fixes shipping estimate return $0

Orig lines 57-58:
$srcFSA = substr(strtoupper(SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP), 0, 3);
$desFSA = substr(strtoupper($order->delivery['postcode']), 0, 3);

Change to:
$srcFSA = substr(str_replace(" ", "", strtoupper(SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP)), 0, 6);
$desFSA = substr(str_replace(" ", "", strtoupper($order->delivery['postcode'])), 0, 6);
   Posted on: 10/19/2009     See contribution details

108. Zone Rate Shipping (quantity/weight) Request Installation with Paid service
In this Contribution you are able to shipping zone wise on bases of either cart weight or cart quantity.
By default oscommerce give zone rate shipping on cart weight so this will help those guys who are looking for zone rate shipping calculates on bases of cart quantity.
   Posted on: 10/19/2009     See contribution details

109. Product Attribute 2.2rca Request Installation with Paid service
'With Weight' , this work give you weight of each attrbute . Lets suppose small shirt weighting different to large shirt as this would effect the shipping weight and so shipping price .
   Posted on: 10/19/2009     See contribution details
Displaying 91 to 99 (of 1445 contributions) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  [Next >>]