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The following osCommerce contributions are free Opensource code originated from official osCommerce website and provided for your reference only, you may download the original contribution file(s) and install it on your own; or you may request a Paid Installation Service from Agents Of Power; Agents Of Power does the "AS IS" installation on your website, we do not guarantee it will work properly on your website. Extra Paid service is available for repairing the problem from the original contribution or from your website.
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11. MailBeez Module: Birthday Greetings Request Installation with Paid service
- compatibility with Google Analytics Integration, control URL rewriting
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

12. Customers X Handler Request Installation with Paid service
This "Contribution" is an enhance of original Customer admin module
Test reports and notice in forums

Extra Features:

- email obligatory notification about administrator customers data edit
when password change, delete customers and change personal data
- multilangism GO button
- edited batch delete
- you can filter by date
and so on
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

13. empty or full shopping cart images Request Installation with Paid service
full pagage
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

14. Show product quantities on admin Categories / Products listing Request Installation with Paid service
This contribution displays the quantities of each product in the products listing (categories.php) of the admin interface. It is a very simple modification to make and means you can see all stock in a category without having to click on each one. If you have lots of products in a category this makes it easy to see at a glance what's getting low.

The modification is very simple to make - there are three code additions to make to categories.php and a one-line language file update.
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

15. Google Analytics URL Rewrite Class Request Installation with Paid service
This class rewrites URLs for integration with Google Analytics.

Developed for MailBeez modular Email Campaigns (, but easy to use in other projects:

$ga = new googleAnalytics($medium, $campaign, $mode);
$content = $ga->rewriteContent($content);

   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

16. Automatic Trigger Email Campaigns with MailBeez Modules Request Installation with Paid service
Automatic Integration with Google Analytics through URL rewriting.

Track visitors returning by clicking on MailBeez emails.

The rewriting can be controlled as default setting or per-module setting (when supported by module, e.g. birthday v1.2)
   Posted on: 08/20/2010     See contribution details

17. Photo Gallery Request Installation with Paid service
Added default image to slideshow, when there are no images in gallery.

Complete Package + update guide
+ upgraded OTF to 2.4 fix(optional)
+ No slideshow if only one image exists
+ Add default image for plain image gallery box
+ Image box tooltip language compatible
+ Made some text more clear
+in admin on upload page:
state image size limits
+ included upgraded version of OTF Thumbnails
+ BUG FIX: added default gallery directory in catalog
+ BUG FIX: added default gallery/thumbnails directory in catalog
+ added comment code to identify infobox in source code
+ BUG FIX: pictures uploaded in admin must be associated with an account
+ BUG FIX: resolved directory issues

Full Package+Update Guide
+Fixed link in gallery infobox header to point to gallery not specials
+added PHP pre version 5 compatibility
+renamed info boxes to gallery_plain.php and gallery_slideshow.php to avoid confusion
+Encode special characters inputted by users to be sql, javascript compatible(pictures with quotes in the title did not open using highslide)
+Users have to be logged in to leave comments
+add link to upload in infobox
+if not enough thumbs use less than 25

Includes dvharrisons cleaned up install doc

Full Package+update guide
It sounds like nitpicking but I have made the install.txt page easier to read as it was all in 1 block and a mare to follow! Hope this helps.
Thanks to Laveera for many of the fixes

Fixed red x OR noimage being displayed.
Removed Graphical Borders from base code.
Limited slideshow to 25 random pics per page load
Upadated SQL to support multilanguage
Fixed some multi-language issues.
Gallery is now viewed from newest to oldest pics

fixed a seo link problem.
Admins can add as many pics to users accounts as they want
admins can set users to unlimited photo uploads
put thumbnails in the clean gallery box
created an new gallery box in admin outside of the config box
added a slideshow infobox
cleaned up some code a bit
made some text more intuitive to users
added a short description text to gallery page
admins can edit titles, comments and descriptions
paginated the gallery and # of pictures per page is set in admin
added copyright notice in gallery users
added tomcat's redirect fix
added title under pics in gallery
added stand alone instructions
there's probably more but I lost track.

Thank you to Killerwhale for the original contrib.

Full Package and Update Guide
added admin module to edit comments, delete pictures and clean thumbnails folder. Also solved a bug.

Installation and upgrade instructions included.

For more info, please visit the project web page:
   Posted on: 10/21/2008     See contribution details

18. NIF Request Installation with Paid service

Este documento solo sirve para mejorar la última versión de esta contribución, que en estos momentos el a 1.0
No contiene ningún fichero, solo las instrucciones para arreglar algunas carencias de la contribución.


- Al añadir una nueva dirección de envio de la compra, no se comprobaba la validez del NIF.
- En la parte del administrador, al editar los datos de una persona, tampoco se comprobaba la validez del nif.


This document is only to solve last version little problems, and only affect versions 1.0 and older. Only contain the instructions to solve the issues.

- NIF is not validated when you add another shipping address.
- NIF is not validated when admin edit user profile.
United contributions NIF_0.8 | NIF 0.9 | NIF 0.9b | Bug corregido en NIF Requerido


Unidas las contribuciones NIF_0.8 | NIF 0.9 | NIF 0.9b | Bug corregido en NIF Requerido

Cuando en el admin seleccionamos NIF Requerido como false,si no lo introducimos al registrarnos marca el error ENTRY_FORMATO_NIF_ERROR.

La solución es tan sencilla como borrar el contenido de una sentencia else.
Sólo se incluye la corrección del bug, no es fullpackage.

SOLO para la base de datos, por olvido no se incluyo la vez anterior

Cuando editas un pedido, en la parte de agregar o eliminar productos, da un error al no reconocer este punto de la tabla

No necesitas descargar, solo agrega esto a la base de datos

ALTER TABLE orders ADD customers_nif VARCHAR( 11 ) AFTER customers_company ;
- En esta version 0.9 se incluyen los archivos ya modificados, pero si quieres modificarlos tu mismo deberas hacerlo paso a paso siguiendo estas instrucciones editando los siguientes archivos:


- Es necesario tener instalada la contribucion Order Editor para poder proseguir. La puedes bajar de:,1435

- No se ha probado en otros editores de ordenes, pero supongo que los pasos a seguir serán muy similares

- Estas instruciones serán necesarias para que se pueda incluir el nif de un cliente que se haya registrado antes de instalar la contribucion NIF. Al editar la orden puedes incluir el nif del cliente
He complketado las instruciones para modificar paso a paso todos archivos.
Además he añadido las modificaciones para que el NIF solo sea requerido (obligatorio) si el país es España.
También he corregido el segundo cambio en el paso 7) En includes/functions/general.php

NOTA: Falta por corregir/modificar la parte del admin para que al modificar el NIF de un cliente, este sea validado al igual que cuando se registra un cliente nuevo.
Si Jordi o algun otro con mas conocimientos se anima, bienvenido sea.
   Posted on: 12/16/2008     See contribution details

19. Auto change currency based on IP address location V1.0 Request Installation with Paid service
Updated instructions to clear up confusions.

Please follow them carefully. ALL problems that have been reported with this contribution so far have been caused by skipping steps in the instructions.

For any questions.
Contribution to find customer IP address, look up the location of that IP address and change the currency of the store to the currency that country uses (as defined in database).

Uses session variables to ensure this check only happens once for each session. This means customers can also change the currency manually still.

Previously uploading to incorrect catagory...
   Posted on: 12/27/2008     See contribution details
Displaying 10 to 18 (of 1445 contributions) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>]